Springtime Hayfever & Homeopathy

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Springtime should be a time of promise and joy for everyone and yet for many it is miserable as it heralds the arrival of itchy eyes and a streaming nose.

Anti-histamines provide some relief but they leave you feeling so drowsy.

As a homeopath, I see patients who suffer from these debilitating symptoms of hayfever and allergic rhinitis.

By far the best approach is to follow a preventative homeopathic treatment which takes place in the late winter months, before the usual hayfever season begins.

If this has not been possible, it’s never too late and the use of homeopathy during the season is still effective. Below is a list of homeopathic remedies that can be really useful to alleviate your hayfever symptoms. Each remedy relates to specific symptoms so you can choose which one fits you the best.

ARSENICUM – Burning symptoms.

Burning eyes with acrid tears, can have burning dry eyes. Swelling around the eyes.

Thin, watery discharge from nose that burns the lip, sore nostrils. Sneezing brings no relief. Burning throat, with a dry irritating cough.

ALLIUM CEPA – The nose runs like a tap. Profuse watery nasal discharge causing very sore nostrils and upper lip. Severe frequent sneezing especially when entering a warm room. Eyes can be red, teary and streaming. Tickling throat which makes you want to scratch inside.

EUPHRASIA – Very itchy eyes, may be swollen, red, burning, gritty with continuous burning discharge (may also be thick). Swollen eyelids. Profuse, clear, watery nasal discharge.

NUX VOMICA – Stuffy, irritated nose with noisy breathing that is worse during the night, runny nose during the day. Severe bouts of sneezing especially in the morning.

Smarting eyes, sensitive to light could be Bloodshot eyes. Itchy larynx and inner ear.

NAT MUR – for a runny nose that drips back into the throat. Profuse nasal discharge (stringy like egg white) that drip back in the throat. Violent sneezing. Hayfever with cold sores. Watery, burning discharge from the eyes. Sore eyes that are sensitive to light.

SABADILLA – with persistant sneezing. Persistant violent sneezing with runny or dry nose. Alternate nostrils are blocked. Intense itching and tickling in nose. Eyes are red with possible burning eyelids and burning tears. Numbness sensation in the throat with a strong desire to scratch it.

There are other tips you can follow to alleviate the misery of hayfever:

Take Vitamin C. Dab coconut oil on the edge of your nostrils to trap the pollen.

Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and car exhaust. Keep rugs, carpets, stuffed animals and upholstered furniture clean. Have a shower as soon as you have come in and change clothes.

Keep your windows closed during the spring / summer at the beginning and the end of the day, when the pollen starts rising outside.

Avoid inflammatory foods and foods that are mucus producing such as dairy, yeast, and sugar.

Avoid foods you are intolerant to.

Drink herbal teas that act as natural antihistamine; Opt for green tea, chamomile, elderflower, ginger, peppermint and anise to limit the effects and sip these throughout the day.

Euphrasia eye drops can also be soothing.

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