New Research Out! Quercetin Helps Fight Viruses:

Did you know that most of us are missing out on key nutrients for optimal immune, respiratory and mitochondrial function due to diminishing nutrition from our modern agricultural practices. There are over 50,000 molecules in plant foods and apparently when we buy inorganic foods we miss out on many of these.

Research has shown that organic food contains more health-benefiting phytochemicals. Research conducted in 2017 for example found that flavonoid levels and antioxidant activity in organic onions are higher than in conventional foods. Flavonoids are important for human health because of their antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti‐inflammatory activities.

Quercetin belongs to a group of plant compounds called flavonoids and it is found naturally in many plant-based foods, particularly in the outer layer or peel. Good food sources include capers. peppers — yellow and green.

In cell cultures, quercetin has been shown to prevent viral entry and reduce the cytopathic effects of many viruses, including rhinovirus and poliovirus. In a 2016 animal study, rodents were given quercetin before being exposed to a lethal load of Ebola virus and they survived.

More Exciting Research About Quercetin

Research has also connected quercetin to allergy-relief and perhaps more importantly to a recent study in Italy for early stage Covid. When Quercetin was tested on a sample of 150 where half were on placebo and the other half were given Quercetin as a supplement. 80% of the ones on Quercetin had lower hospital admissions for Covid. (Research link Below)

Supplementing with Quercetin or using Homeobotanicals a powerful, synergistic blends of organic herbal combinations in liquid form is a useful way of maintaining a strong immune system.

A lot of the herbs used to make Homeobotanicals are packed full of Quercetin. They Contain herbs such as Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) , Echinacea, Elderberry, Nettle, Red Sage and many more synergestically combined to support and maintain good health. To book a Homeobotanical session go to:

To your Good Health.

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