Is it time to have a Detox?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

For centuries many traditional cultures all over the world have cleansed their body with a regular detox. I remember my Dad talking about the herbal concoction my Grandmother used to prepare for him every time he came back from boarding school.

Where has all this gone? As many of us have adopted ourselves to modern living, we have forgotten how important this regular cleansing of our system is. Ideally a daily elimination of unwanted toxins would be ideal

Instead of promoting optimum health by preventing dis-ease we now only think of healing the symptom when it comes up.

Our Toxic World

We live in a toxic world from dental Amalgams, to Antibiotics, cosmetics, cleaning chemicals not to mention the additives in some of our processed foods and the pesticides in non organic foods. The list goes on....

In an alarming study conducted by Environmental Working Group in 2009, umiblical cords of 10 babies in the US were tested by 5 laboratories and scientists found 200 chemicals including hormone disrupting plastics. This was more concerning as infant organs are still developing and are therefore not able to eliminate as efficiently as fully developed organs.

Our body experiences a daily onslaught of chemicals that the liver in particular has to process. With the help of lots of fibre and an efficient elimination system our bodies manage to cope with the stresses & toxins of modern living however sometimes due to our diet and lifestyle the processes of elimination stagnate and this could be the right time when we could all do with a gentle detoxing once or twice a year.

Like exercising and eating well, detoxing should be seen as part of our well being.

Signs that show you may need a detox

  • You feel tired all the time

  • You fall sick often

  • You suffer from mood swings

  • You struggle with PMS symptoms in particular

  • Poor memory and concentration

  • Trouble falling asleep

  • Skin Infections Acne Eczema, Allergies

  • Food Cravings

  • Body Odour

For women in particular, many of the chemicals we take in are known to be hormonal disruptors as some of them mimic our natural hormones and therefore confuse the body. Usually our own personal hormonal journey alerts us to the need to detox. Symptoms such as PMS and hot flushes with the menopause can be so extreme that they force us to seek out solutions.

The Good News Nature has our back:

By encouraging a Plant based diet while using natural Herbs & supplements there is so much that can be done to cleanse and nurture your body as you support the liver and encourage the gut to eliminate unwanted toxins. The usual guidelines of eating up to 10 fruits and vegetables to increase the fibre in your body would be a great start.

What Else can be Done?

If you're struggling to shift a specific condition, working with Homeopathy, supplements and foods I believe brings about quick results by supporting the liver and other organs while detoxing and re-balancing the body.

Nature has so much to offer you with Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Essential oils and supplements but sometimes you can't do it all on your own and you need to work with a practitioner to get you back on the path of wellness.

More and more I am beginning to realise that many conditions can be helped by detoxing and as I use various protocols of homeopathy, herbs and a plant based diet, I am excited to say that I am seeing a positive shift with my patients.

If you have a specific concern and would like to see if we can work with each other, book online for a 15 minute FREE CALL.



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