What is homeopathy?

I have been asked by many to explain what homeopathy is.

As it is homeopathy awareness week, here goes:

To understand homeopathy, I invite you to look at dis-ease with a fresh eye.

There was a time people thought the earth was flat

that Malaria was caused by bad air

Homeopathy challenges our ideas of health:

instead of concentrating on fighting a specific bacteria or virus, which these days appears to be a losing battle anyway, homeopathy seeks to stimulate your body to heal itself by strengthening what we call in homeopathy your own vital force.

With Homeopathy there is no such thing as an anti-viral drug or an antibiotic. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed according to the individual’s personal symptoms and history. The remedies work with the individual to stimulate the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

In Homeopathy, the battle is not with the bacteria or virus but rather, the emphasis is on the individual, to bring about balance and harmony. So even though we don’t have antibiotics or anti-virals in homeopathy, the remedies can clear conditions like molluscum, conjunctivitis, chest infections, sinusitis, ear infections,UTI's etc.

Homeopathy is about empowering our being; physically, mentally and spiritually by respecting the innate wisdom of our vital force and gently bringing about healing.

My own story with homeopathy:

After my third child was born, my immunity was at rock bottom. I kept getting recurring sore throats and flu symptoms, one wave after another. I was getting desperate. I had two toddlers to look after, a baby to breast feed and I wasn’t coping at all well.

I felt really weak and ill…

The homeopath that was treating me took into consideration all my physical /mental / emotional history and gave me a remedy that would stimulate my body to heal itself.

To my surprise, my recurring flu symptoms completely disappeared overnight.

That is when my journey with homeopathy began. I became more curious and wanted to learn more….






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