Homeobotanical Therapy

Herbs and Homeopathy

Homeobotanicals are a powerful synergy of organic herbs  in liquid form potentised homeopathically. These blends cover a comprehensive range of conditions and were designed to work in an infinite variety of ways in order to restore someone to health.

Acute Issues

For example:  anxiety, hay fever, hot flushes, headaches, pain, sleep …….

Chronic Issues

For example:  hormonal symptoms, fatigue, stress, depression, blood pressure issues, blood sugar imbalances, gut dysbiosis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune conditions …….

Acute and longstanding issues often ‘cross over’.


The formulas can clean out toxins – ingested, inhaled, absorbed – leaving someone capable of functioning much more efficiently. Once the toxic load is taken off the organs, immunity can re-establish and work to restore balance.


The nutritional component of minerals and other micro-nutrients, enables optimum assimilation which nourishes and re-builds the immune system, thereby creating more vibrant health and energy.


Each bottle blend costs £20.

Allergies, Hay Fever Blend 

Calming Blend Digestive Blend

Energy Blend Fertility Blend

Hormonal Blend Immunity Blend

Injury Blend Libido/Vitality Blend

Nutrition Blend Pain Blend

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