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So we find we are grieving but are not able to hug or be comforted in the way we would like and life can be pretty lonely.

I think of the Queen in this very difficult time and how alone she looked this Saturday in Church as she grieved the loss of her husband Prince Philip.

Last year, In May 2020 I lost a brother and I thank God for dear friends who prayed and stood by me as we had a zoom funeral because I couldn't be with the family.

We are so lucky that Zoom has come along and has filled a very useful gap but that does not take away the important role of community and human touch we all miss dearly. We need loved ones around us.

The question I am going to try and explore is why some people remain stuck grieving for years and years and others grieve but are able to bounce forward (not back as something has changed and can not be unchanged).

Talking therapies on resilience are so helpful. Some cultures are more comfortable about talking about death and if there is something positive we could say about Covid is that it has made us all more comfortable with sharing grief or talking about death with others.

We all grieve. It is part of life but we all cope with grief in different ways. It can be really difficult to know how to handle this change in ourselves or our dear ones.

Can we do anything about it?

The good news is I believe we can! The internet is full of advice on different therapies interventions and ideas of what we can do ourselves to be more resilient.

Homeopathy & Grief

I want to concentrate on Homeopathy and how it has helped me and many people across the globe to cope with the many losses. Homeopathy for many of us has been transformative!

Homeopathy offers a safe and gentle option, providing support for the toughest of times. the remedies stimulate the processes of repair, of recovery and even of growth.

Possible Phases of Grief & What Homeopathy can Do:


When someone witnesses a death they might experience acute shock. traumatic sit­uations such as road accidents and other violent death, but can also occur when someone who is ill suddenly collapses and dies without any warning. The first remedy I would consider here would be ACONITE this is the number one remedy for shock in homeopathy.

Acute Instability:

Changes to mental states with out­pourings of tears and distress one minute and silent closing down the next. The person in this state has a strong tendency to sigh deeply and they will frequently complain of the sensation of a lump in the throat. In this case I would consider IGNATIA.


Looking more long term the shock or grief sometimes could manifest anger. In this case, different remedies may be considered. Could it be anger with a state of feeling an injustice has taken place or could it be anger to such an extent that you feel it in your body for example as cramps or even headaches. In each case a different remedy might be appropriate. e.g. Staphyagria or Causticum or so many other options. Speaking to a homeopath would lead you to an appropriate remedy.


Or feeling of abandonment? Pulsatilla for example, is a remedy well indicated for people who have intense feelings of loss.

Nat Mur is useful when there is deep sadness after a painful loss such as a breakdown of a relationship, especially when emotions are suppressed. Unlike Pulsatilla, Nat mur grief is closed and private, holding on to emotions and preferring to be left alone to weep. and will most likely feel worse if others offer consolation.


I hope the simple examples above illustrate how people may experience grief in different forms at various times and that if we are stuck in a phase, homeopathy can help us out.

The question to ask yourself is if it is best to let grief run its course or whether we should intervene? In addition, is the per­son’s distress bearable? If some dis­tress can be eased, then shouldn’t it be? Also how long has the person been grieving and is it impacting their life. Can we do something to ease it?

Grief like homeopathy is very individual but I hope it is a comfort to know that there is life after grief and that it is possible to live life with all its richness again.

For an individualized prescription and best results, please book a free call to see how I can help you.


Information given above is not meant to be a substitute for the diagnosis and or treatment of any health or physical disease. The content above is educational and is not meant to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or health care professionals.

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