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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

My Top Ten Foods for Eczema:

I call them the rainbow foods. All these foods contain quercetin a powerful antioxidant and natural antihistamine. Which can help inflammation as well as control histamine in your body.

quercetin gives many fruits and vegetables their rich colour.

Berries Papaya

Celery Cruciferous

Leafy Greens

Sprouts Microgreens

Sweet potatoes Coriander

Garlic Ginger

Turmeric Aloe Vera

Supplements to consider:

Omega-3 fatty acids may help in reducing acne and other skin conditions as omega-3 is known to prevent inflammatory cytokine production, which may reduce acne and other skin conditions. (1)

When choosing what Omega 3 Fatty acids supplement to get, always check the supplement is made from small fish to avoid mercury contamination.

Eating healthy fats can help to maintain the structure of the skin and keep the skin hydrated. Healthy fats prevent inflammation, support skin disorders such as rashes, red spots, and irritation.  Foods containing omega-3 fats, such as flaxseed and walnuts can be particularly beneficial for eczema and psoriasis. (2)

Vitamin D : Check your vitamin levels. If you are a person of colour in particular you will not be having enough Vitamin D between October and May.

Zinc: is thought to decrease the development of damaging free radicals. It encourages the production of collagen and protects the skin's support structure. (3)



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