Eat Your Way Through the Menopause

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Can you really ease your menopause symptoms by eating a plant based diet?

Many people have found so many foods have helped ease their symptoms. The more fruits and vegetables we can add to our diets the better.

Legumes: Chick Peas, Beans, Lentils may delay the onset of the menopause

Apples : Phytochemicals make apples a brain food, feeding neurons and increasing electrical activity. Helps cleanse and purify the organs, improve circulation in lymphatic system. Good for detoxification. Great for the thyroid. For health promotion try and eat 3 a day.

Avocadoes : The mother fruit. Anti aging effect on the skin. Anti inflammatory. For noticeable benefits, eat one avocado a day.

Asparagus : For Loss of energy, these spears pack a punch of vitality. If you’re looking for a source of vital energy Asparagus is incredibly nutritious. The kind of energy when you see young people playing non-stop.... that’s the vital energy available in asparagus.

Beans: Any beans from Chick peas to black eyed beans.

Cruciferous vegetables : Cabbages, broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Kale, for weight gain and countless benefits including cancer and benefiting the thyroid (Contrary to misinformation), benefiting joints, connective tissue damage eat

Cucumber: Cools a hot stagnant liver. Cucumber is an amazing rejuvenation tonic. Especially geared to nourishing and cooling down over used adrenal glands. For amazing results make it in a juicer. Consume as many as 2 cucumbers a day

Leafy greens: For all sorts of conditions eat ++++




Nettle leaf

Red clover




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