Chaga The King of Mushrooms For Immune Support:

For centuries, people have considered this rare and potent wild food as one of the most precious mushroom allies in immune support.

Chaga is all about building immunity as a tonic. The phytochemicals in Chaga are seen as very important in fighting a long list of many chronic conditions.

Benefits of Chaga

  • Nutrient-dense superfood, Chaga mushrooms contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

  • Its known for slowing the aging process.

  • Lowering cholesterol.

  • Preventing and fighting cancer.

  • Supporting the immune system.

  • Fighting inflammation.

  • Lowering blood sugar and blood pressure

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No specific claims are made for the application or use of HomeoBotanical preparations. The blends are Dietary Supplements designed for use as part of a comprehensive care programme.

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