The high alert encouraged in 2020 and now 2021 because of Covid and a call to be extra vigilant has increased the anxiety levels in everyone... The adrenal glands for many have probably been working harder than usual as we all try to navigate our way to safety.

Many of us have learned helpful breathing techniques to help combat anxiety.

Homeopathic Solutions for Anxiety:

How can we live healthy happy lives if

our bodies are in flight or fight mode?

Anxiety can have a detrimental impact on our digestive system, it may cause insomnia and long term can bring about chronic ailments if ignored.

Certain remedies are used a lot in homeopathy to treat anxiety.

Many of these remedies are in the homeopathic first aid kit if you have one.

Arsenicum album

People who are deeply anxious about their health, and extremely concerned with order and security, often benefit from this remedy. Obsessive about small details and very neat, they may feel a desperate need to be in control of everything.


A panic attack that comes on suddenly with very strong fear (even fear of death) may indicate this remedy. A state of immense anxiety may be accompanied by strong palpitations, shortness of breath, and flushing of the face. Sometimes a shaking experience will be the underlying cause. Strong feelings of anxiety may also occur when a person is just beginning to come down with a flu or cold.

Argentum nitricum

This relieves anticipatory anxiety or worried about how you'll performance accompanied by agitation and a feeling of hurriedness. A physical sign corresponding to this medicine is stomach aches with belching, due to a slower digestion.

Aurum Met: The fear of losing everything, your job, your income, your loved ones.

More long term causes of Anxiety

Many people do not realize that anxiety may be caused by

  • Hormonal changes for example PMS or the menopause.

  • The Food you're eating and the gut.

  • Long term trauma

This is when you should seek out a homeopath to help rebalance you and bring about a healthier happier more resilient you!

With the help of Homeopathy, homeobotanicals, flower essences and lifestyle changes there is a lot that can be done to bring about calm and ease not just for you but your whole family.

For more information on how homeopathy can help you cope better with stress and anxiety book a 15 minute free call


Information given above is not meant to be a substitute for the diagnosis and or treatment of any health or physical disease. The content above is educational and is not meant to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or health care professionals.

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